The ANAM Set... So far

The ANAM corridors are alive with rehearsals, recordings and various ANAM Set activities! Over the past few weeks, musician and composer pairings have been meeting face to face to work on everything ANAM Set, and we have behind-the-scenes shots and videos to document them!

The ANAM Set pieces will be performed in the upcoming The ANAM Set Festival on 13-15 May 2022.

A sneak peek of Jye Todorov and Lilijana Maticevska's ANAM Set collaboration You Can Call Me CV01

Hannah Pike (piano, QLD) rehearsing her ANAM Set piece Death Cap Mushroom by Michael Kieren Harvey
Photo credit: Laura Manariti

Drummer Alex Bull accompanies Hannah Pike in her ANAM Set performance

James Littlewood (bass trombone, VIC) and Cat Hope meet to rehearse their ANAM Set collaboration The Long Now
Photo credit: Laura Manariti

ANAM's Murray Kearney (viola, NSW) and Alex Turley running through their ANAM Set collaboration, Nowhere in Particular 
Photo credit: Laura Manariti

The ANAM Set duo, Nicola Robinson (horn, QLD) and composer Noemi Liba Friedman meet for a recording session of The Eleventh Partial

Oscar Wong (piano, QLD) and Tim Dargaville meet for a run through of Unfolding to an Infinite Number

Composer James Ledger is full support to his ANAM Set musician as he attends Alexandra Allan's (oboe, WA) ANAM recital in Perth

Joel Walmsley (trumpet, VIC) calls Andrew Batterham on stage after he performed their ANAM Set collaboration, A Black Dog Near Me, in his ANAM recital 



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