Our Supporters

Donors to ANAM, ‘ANAMbassadors‘, are music lovers who wish to ensure the finest young musicians from Australia and New Zealand receive the best training and performance experiences possible.

In 2019, philanthropic support provided for a third of ANAM’s budget. That means one in three lessons were provided, or one in three musicians were able to train at ANAM thanks to donor support.

"Supporting ANAM makes me feel connected in a meaningful way to some extraordinary human beings.”
Loris Orthwein, ANAMbassador Vanguard Donor

Download the ANAMbassador form or donate online

All ANAMbassador contributions directly support our musicians and training initiatives.  

ANAM gratefully acknowledges the support of the following patrons:


the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE 

ANAMbassador Vanguard $100,000+

the Family of the late Margaret Johnson+(The Margaret Johnson Chair of Piano held by Tim Young)

Loris Orthwein +^(The Loris Orthwein Chair of Cello held by Howard Penny)


ANAMbassador Luminary $40,000+

Janet Holmes à Court AC+
John and Rosemary Macleod
Naomi Milgrom AO
Harold Mitchell Foundation*
Robert Peck AM and Yvonne von Hartel AM,
      peckvonhartel architects
Ann and Robert Ronus+
Anonymous (1)

ANAMbassador Champion $20,000+

Philip Bacon AM*
Jannie Brown^
Sieglind D’Arcy°
Anthony and Sharon Lee Foundation*
Hansen Little Foundation^
Catherine Holmes à Court-Mather
Ulrike Klein AO°
Kerry Landman^°
Lady Potter AC


ANAMbassador Leader $10,000+

Joanna Baevski, the Myer Foundation
Meredith Baldwin and the late John Baldwin^°
Arnold and Mary Bram°
Bill Burdett AM and Sandra Burdett^
Geoffrey Clarke*
John Haasz
Hans and Petra Henkell
Dale and Greg Higham*
Peter Jopling AM QC°
Suzanne Kirkham
Mercer Family Foundation
David Penington AC and Sonay Hussein^
Sunning Hill Fund
David and Gai Taylor°
Ursula Hoff Institute


ANAMbassador Circle $5,000+

Olga Abrahams^
Robert Albert AO RFD RD and Libby Albert
Barbara Bedwell^
Peter de Campo
Angelo Delsante
Peter and Annie Duncan^
Arnis Dzedins^
Kingsley Gee^
Ron and Sharon Lazarovits
Ian Geoffrey Manning
Robin and Margaret Marks
Traudl Moon OAM^
The Orloff Family Charitable Trust^
Marie Rowland^
Michael Schwarz and David Clouston^
Serp Hills Foundation°
Rowan Streiff^
Ralph Ward-Ambler AM and Barbara Ward-Ambler°
Igor and Jenny Zambelli^
Anonymous (2)

ANAMbassador $1,000+

Keith and Corry Adams
Ted Bailey^
Nick Bailey
Helen Ballantyne and Milton Robinson^
Susan Bannerman
Sally Basser
Alison Beare
Benjamin Fund
Michael Bertram
David and Kaye Birks
Louise and Hermann Bischoff^
Tudor Bostock^
Jennifer Bott AO
Andrew Boyle^
Helen Brack
Elise Callander^
Elaine Canty AM and Roy Masters AM^
Maggie Cash
Cherry and Hugh Collins
Christine Connors^
John and Chris Conquest^
Barry Conyngham AM and Deborah Conyngham
John and Patricia Curotta
John Daley and Rebecca Coates
Brett Dean
Mark Debeljak and Daniel Lehrer^
Peter Demaine^
Eric Dias and Roger Bau^
Pamela Dingle, Malcolm Dingle^
Carolynne and Geoffrey Dobbin^
M Elizabeth Douglas^
John and Ros Dowling
Lord Ebury
Helen Edwards^
Michael Egan^
Michael Elliott^
Gina Fairfax
Joanna Flynn AM and Joan Bruton^
Anne Frankenberg and Adrian McEniery^
Gaye and John Gaylard
Gudrun Genee
Gilbert George
Robert Gibbs and Tony Wildman^
Jennifer Gilchrist^
Nadene Gilmore and Chris Ferdinands^
David and Geraldine Glenny
Andrea Goldsmith^
Colin Golvan AM QC and Deborah Golvan^
Michael and Lizanne Goodwin^
Simone and Richard Graham^
Ann Grant^
Jan Grant^
Ian Greer^
Hugh Hallard
Robyn Harris^
Sue and John Harrison AM CBE^
Terry and Christina Hart^
Elaine Harty^
Lyndsey Hawkins^
Peter Heffey
Anthea Hill^
Sheila Hirst and Kym Thompson^
Ian Hogarth and Peter Larsen^
Robert Hook^
David and Rosemary Houseman
Merilyn and David Howorth^
Richard and Mary Hoy
Rod Hunt and Michael Sharpe^
Alwyn James^
Nancy James
Barry Jones AC and Rachel Faggetter^
Robyn and the late Colin Jones^
Ronald Jones and Georgina Whitehead
Helen and Bernard Jordan^
Stephen Jovanovich
Bill Kean^
Tony and Allison Kelly^
Jerry Koliha and Marlene Krelle^
Stuart Kollmorgen OAM and Rodrigo Oliveira^
Diane Lightfoot^
Janet Limb AO^
Kim C Low^
Paul and Yvonne Lynch^
David Mackintosh
Darryl Marsh and Jane Simpson^
Jennifer Marshall
Ian Marshman AM and Judi Marshman
Kate Mazoudier and Paul Muldoon
Denys and Ingeborg McCullough^
Jan McDonald
Jeannette McHugh
Barry and Gwen McIntosh
Gillian McIntosh^
Ian McRae AO and Åsa Hasselgard
Lesley Milburn^
Barry and Joan Miskin^
Peter Moran^
Richard O'Dwyer^
Brigitte Nakashima-Wolf and Ashley Nakashima^
Fay Nicholson^
Jenny Nicol
John and Sue North
O'Keefe Family^
Elizabeth O’Keeffe
Elizabeth and Jacob Okno^
Liz O'Shaughnessy and Roger Badalassi^
Lee Palmer^
Julie Paxton^
Elizabeth Pender OAM
Anne Penington and the late John Penington
Geoff and Jan Phillips
Peter and Jane Phillips^
the late Rob Piaggio^
Ralph and Margaret Plarre^
Plate Marketing Pty Ltd
Rosalind Price^
Estelle Redlich^
Ralph and Ruth Renard
Naomi Richards and Michael Butson
Vivienne Ritchie^
Elizabeth and Ron Rosanove^
Helga and John Rose AO
Graham Ryles OAM KsJ and Judith Ryles OAM^
Noeline Sandblom^
Ken Schroder^
Anne and Greg Sewell^
Barry Sheehan and Pam Waller^
Maryann Shepherd^
Shane Simpson AM and Danielle Michel-Simpson^
Hywel Sims^
Gary Singer and Geoffrey Smith^
Maria Solà
Monty Stephens^
Roger and Karen Stott
Geoffrey Stephenson^
Frank van Straten AM and Adrian Turley^
St Silas Anglican Church
Helen Symon QC and Ian Lulham
Janine Tai
Yosi Tal
Jenny Tatchell^
Tom and Zillah Diamond Fund – Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust
James Turnbull^
Helen Vorrath
Daniel and Frances Wallace^
White and Mason Lawyers
Robert Whitehead^
Jan Williams^
Charles Wilkins and Carolyn Paulin^
Ruth Wisniak and John Miller^
Anna and Mark Yates^
Youth Music Foundation of Australia^
In memory of the late Valda Zegenhagen
Anonymous (14)


ANAMdonor $200 - $999

Allyson Anthonisz
Tony Atkinson
Elvala Ayton
Zita Ballock
Charles Baré
Peter Batchelor
Marja Berclouw
Meg Breidahl
Errol Broome
Elizabeth Brozgul
Greg Byrne
Arjun von Caemmerer
Barbara Cain
Don Cameron
Robin Carter
Enid Chapman
Leslie G Clements
Greg Coldicutt
Peter Cole
Corelia Quintet
David Cramond
Graham Cunningham
Joan Davidson
George Deutsch OAM and Kathy Deutsch
Philippa Devine
Brian Diamond and Kay Ansell
Jean Dunn
Jennifer Eddy
Julie Edgar and Iain Buckland
Steve Fargo
Evelyn Field OAM
Evelyn Firstenberg and Graham Blashki
Barbara Friday
Peter and Carol Gardner
Nicholas Garnham and Juliette Houte
Christine Gascoigne
David van Gend
Robert Goodrick
Ian de Graaf
Sue Grant 
R.A. Gray
Ynys Grecian
Denise Grocke AO 
Jean Hadges
S and D Hain Foundation
Judy Hall OAM^
David Hennell
Mary Hoban
Jane Hockin
Laura Holian
John Howell
Peter Ingram
Irene Irvine and Iain Wallace
Marilyn Jacka 
Jane Kearney DsJ
Anthony Knight OAM
Margaret and David Knight
David and Doone Lamb
Henk van Leeuwen and Pam Jordan
Diana Lempriere
Rena and Alex Lopata
Jo Lynch
Christine Macleod and David Wilson
June Marks
John Martin
Ann McLaren
Wendy McMaster
Christopher Menz
Robert Mestrovic
Vesna and Brendan Moran
Isobel Morgan OAM
Judith Munro
Elisabeth Murphy and John Chapman
David and Barbara Mushin 
Iain Nicolson and the late Caryl Nicolson
Susanne Pearce
Brian Read
Maree Readman
Greg Reinhardt AM
Eda Ritchie AM
Jill Rivers and Jeremy St. John
Kay Ronec
Peter Ronge and Bruce Sims
Louise Rothols and James Fowler
Barbara and Stephen Rowley 
Tim Rowley
Penelope Russell 
Aubrey Schrader
John and Lorraine Smith
Ross Smith
Arnis Stonis and Deborah McMillan
Richard Tait
Ariette and the late John Taylor
Eva Telman
Tony Thomas
Sylvia Urbach
Maxine Wain 
Rosemary Walls
Maree Webb
Georg Winter and Barbara Ebes
Anonymous (15)

Trusts & Foundations

Angior Family Foundation
Australian Communities Foundation
Beleura – The Tallis Foundation
Bokhara Foundation*
Bowness Family Foundation
Crown Resorts Foundation
Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation
Gwen Nisbet Music Scholarship Fund
Hugh DT Williamson Foundation
John T Reid Charitable Trusts
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
Minderoo Foundation
Packer Family Foundation
Pzena Investment Charitable Trust
Robert Salzer Foundation
Simon Lee Foundation*

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+ denotes ANAM Faculty Chair and Faculty position support
° denotes Artist Residency support
^ denotes ANAMsyndicate supporting a musician’s financial assistance
* denotes full support of a musician’s financial assistance
 denotes ANAMobbligato supporting chamber music

Acknowledgements from 1 January 2019 and correct to 1 June 2020

ANAM is an endorsed deductible Gift Recipient listed with the Register of Cultural Organisations for the public fund it operates. All donations to ANAM over $2 are tax deductible

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