ANAM Syndicate

Make a musician’s dream a reality through the ANAM Syndicate program

By donating to an ANAM Syndicate you share with fellow music-lovers in providing financial assistance to support a musician’s living expenses while they are dedicated to their training.

ANAM Syndicate donors follow the progress of their musician for their 1-3 years at ANAM, sharing their challenges and successes as they progress into the professional world.

ANAM musicians are lovely young people who have worked really hard to get where they are. I could have just given money, but I like the way the ANAM Syndicate program gives me a connection to my giving.
Ann Grant, ANAM Syndicate donor

ANAM Syndicate donors contribute $1,000 or more (approx. $83 a month), joining with other supporters to provide up to the maximum of $11,000 financial assistance per musician.

ANAM Syndicates also become part of a ‘family’ for their musician. Many musicians come from interstate or from New Zealand and the support they receive from their ANAM Syndicate is more than financial: attendance at their performances, and interest in their progress, can make a world of difference – not only while they are at ANAM, but throughout their careers.

The ANAM Syndicate supporters really are a special group. I am so grateful to be able to get to know these wonderful people and I believe they are already my lifelong friends.
Mia Stanton (violin 2021)

Download the ANAM Syndicate brochure

To find out which musicians are currently in need of support, please contact:

Jessica Donohue
Development Programs Coordinator
03 9645 7911

ANAM is an endorsed deductible Gift Recipient listed with the Register of Cultural Organisations for the public fund it operates. All donations to ANAM over $2 are tax deductible. 





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