What We Do

“The point of difference between ANAM and other training institutions is that at ANAM, our visiting artists – all musical titans – not only instruct our musicians, they share the stage with them as colleagues. It’s an amazing opportunity and the results are extraordinary. You just have to set foot in the building to feel the energy and excitement”.  

– Nick Deutsch, ANAM Artistic Director


The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is dedicated to the artistic and professional development of the most exceptional musicians from Australia and New Zealand. ANAM's vision is to develop the country's future music leaders, distinguished by their artistic skill, imagination, courage, and their contribution to a vibrant music culture.

The only institute of its kind, ANAM is renowned for its innovation, energy and adventurous programming and is committed to pushing the boundaries of how classical music is presented and performed.

Who are we? 

“ANAM believes that a vibrant future for classical music lies in the hands of musicians who understand that historical and contemporary music are interdependent; musicians who are engaged with a broad range of styles and genres; musicians with the highest technical and musical accomplishment, but also with an understanding of the context in which the art form finds itself today and the courage and commitment to ensure its future.”

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