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Access to high quality musical instruments is critical in the training of outstanding musicians. Such instruments often represent significant expense which is out of reach of many musicians starting out in their professional careers.

ANAM acknowledges the generous contribution of the following supporters who have donated, loaned or purchased instruments for our musicians. You have given ANAM musicians what they need to excel.

Instruments donated to ANAM:
Mason and Hamlin Model CC Concert Grand Piano Donated by Sieglind D’Arcy
Yamaha P2F Upright Piano Donated by the family of Pamela J.W. Miskin
Zenker and Schultes Upright Pianola Donated by Elaine Canty
Yamaha Upright Piano Donated by Elise Callander
Kawai Grand Piano Donated by Hand Wolfgang Barwalsdki
Chen cellos (2) Donated by the estate of the late Dr Keith Penny
Karner 1870’s Cello Donated to ANAM by Sieglind D’Arcy

Instruments on loan to ANAM:
The Richard Pollet Violin, an 1849 Pressenda Loaned to ANAM by Janet Holmes à Court AC
Louis Guersan 1700’s Violin Loaned to ANAM by Bokhara Foundation
Piagentini Viola Loaned to ANAM by Janet Holmes à Court AC
The Georgina Grosvenor Viola, a Ceruti Loaned to ANAM by the Bokhara Foundation
Roberto Cavagnoli cello, a copy of the Australian String Quartet Guadagnini cello Loaned to ANAM by the UKARIA Foundation
Chen cello Loaned to ANAM by Bruce Lane
Jay Haide L’Aucienne German Double Bass Loaned to ANAM from Atelier Puglisi

Instruments purchased by ANAM with the assistance of donor support:
Atelier Puglisi 5 string Double Bass
purchased with the support of: Nick Bailey, Ted Bailey and Wendy Watson, Sharon and Alan Bainbridge, Marja Berclouw, Jasmine Brunner, Marilyn and Ian Burton, Charles Clark, Meredith and Diana Creightmore, Jan and David de Kretser AC, Sandra Dent, FX and VA Dunin, Arnis Dzedins, David and Geraldine Glenny, Jacqui Hagen, Peter Heffey, Brenden Morris, John, Liz and Alex Morris, Valerie Rae, David Slattery and Jillian Harrowfield, Helen Tuckey, Sylvia Urbach, Dr David Wood, Anonymous (10)
Baroque Timpani (2) purchased with the support of the Robert Salzer Foundation, Jan Williams, Stephen Whately
Marigaux Oboe purchased with the support of Loris Orthwein

Donors to the 2018 Keys to Success Campaign in support of purchasing a Yamaha S6 Grand Piano: Corry and Keith Adams, David and Kaye Birks, Gudrun Genee, Peter Heffey, Nancy James, Jennifer Marshall, L. Joyce Richards, Max Johnston (dec) and Owen White, Sieglind D'Arcy, Lady Potter AC, George and Grace Kass, Suzanne Kirkham, Ian Geoffrey Manning, The Orloff Family Charitable Trust, Ralph and Margaret Plarre, Marie Rowland, Jannie Brown, David Penington AC and Sonay Hussein, Maureen Arch, Hugo Armstrong, Joan and Ron Ashbolt, Marja Berclouw, Janet Bolitho and Nick Capes, Jennifer Bowen, Max and Ros Boyce, Shirley Breese, Kenneth Bretherton, Elizabeth Brozgul, Anthony and June Buck, Greg Byrne, Rosemary Cann, Enid Chapman, Theresa Clarke, Marilyn Cobain, Kathryn Cook, Joan Davidson, Jan and David de Kretser AC, Sandra Dent, Philippa Devine, Brian Diamond and Kay Ansell, Julie Edgar and Iain Buckland, Helen Fallaw, Gary Fallon, Steve Fargo in memory of Arbutus Beaver Falatko, Evelyn Firstenberg and Graham Blashki, Dennis Freeman, Lorraine and Howard Freeman OAM, Nicholas Garnham and Juliette Houte, Fiona Graham, Ynys Grecian, Richard Gubbins, Jean Hadges, John Horacek, Irene Irvine and Iain Wallace, Penelope Johns, Garry Joslin and Dimity Reed, David and Lynda Judkins, Peter and Ann Keddie, Karen Khor, Zoltan and Elfrida Kiss, Lynne and John Landy AC MBE, Coralie Ling, Adrian and Pamela Lombardo, David and Lynette Lumsden, Christine Macleod and David Wilson, John Martin, Ken Mason, Wendy McMaster, Helena Mestrovic, John and Liz Morris, Ian and Morag Newman, Iain Nicolson and Caryl Nicolson (dec), O'Keefe Family, Jan Pontifex, Dr Sandra Rees, Greg Reinhardt, Naomi Richards and Michael Butson, Gail Rockman, John and Cynthia Rowe, Ruth Skovron, Megan Sloley, Bernadette Sullivan and Relton Leaver, Ariette and John Taylor, Robert Thomson and Hugh Ratten, Margaret Treadwell, Peter Tuohy, NS and JS Turnbull, Ray and Pam Walford, Barbara Friday, John and Chris Conquest, Jerry Koliha and Marlene Krelle, Diane Lightfoot, Hywel Sims, Jan Williams, The Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation, Anonymous (11)

Donors to the 2016 ANAM Instrument WishList Campaign: Olga Abrahams, Heath Blake, Felix Blatt, Meg Breidahl, Marilyn and Ian Burton, Greg Byrne, Rosemary Cann, Maggie Cash, Raistlin Chan, Min Li Chong, Theresa Clarke, Meredith and Diana Creightmore, Andrew Decker, Sandra Dent, Philippa Devine and Will Varey, Elizabeth Douglas, Dennis Freeman, Nicholas Garnham, Kingsley Gee, David and Margaret Griffiths, Peter Heffey, David Hennell, Leonie Henry, Laura Holian, Susan Humphries, Suzanne Kirkham, Jerry Koliha and Marlene Krelle, John and Margaret Lester, Gregory Levine, Pamela Lloyd, Muriel Mathers, Klaus Neumann, Ian and Morag Newman, Pip Nicholson, O'Keefe Family, Elizabeth Pender, John and Marion Poynter, Dimity Reed and Garry Joslin, Sandra Rees, Penelope Sardone, Simona Scarparo, Richard Thompson, Helen Vorrath, Dr David Wood, Anonymous (17)

A.E. Smith Violin This violin is jointly owned and loaned to ANAM by Janet Holmes à Court AC and ANAM Alumna Christina Katsimbardis. It is being progressively purchased for ANAM with the support to date of Gilbert George, George Georgiou, Peter Ingram, and Maria Kailis. We welcome contributions towards the purchase of this important instrument.

Initial support for the establishment of the ANAM Percussion Studio
Hugh Williamson Foundation
Minderoo Foundation

If you would like to explore donation of an instrument or support towards the purchase of an instrument for ANAM, please contact Stephanie Rogan, Development Coordinator on 03 9645 7911 or

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Acknowledgements correct to 01 September 2017

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