The Innovative Spirit of George Crumb 2

This November we celebrate the legacy of the innovative American composer, George Crumb. Across four performances, as part of the ANAM end of year Chamber Music Festival, journey into the musical world of George Crumb – a composer whose music transcends time – and those influenced by his ideas.

At the heart of this festival are the great works of Crumb: Makrokosmos – an exploration of the world the artist inhabits and how they can live in it; Black Angels, the deeply moving and at times confronting depiction and exploration of death, war and humanity; and Vox Balaenae, a work that speaks of the plight of the natural world, and how it’s destruction is at the hands of humanity. As we currently grapple with war, climate change and a rapidly changing world, these works have a profound moral imperatives that are as relevant today as they were half a century ago.

The musicians of ANAM come together not only to mount these iconic works, but also pieces by Crumb students Jennifer Higdon and Osvaldo Golijov, composers influential on Crumb such as Edgard Varèse and Franz Schubert, as well as those working with his concepts today like Ross Edwards. Together, these composers share a curiosity and imagination that will guide you on a mesmerising musical journey.

VARÈSE Octandre

Anna Rabinowicz (VIC) piccolo / flute
Oscar Gillespie (VIC) oboe
Georgia White (VIC) Bb clarinet / Eb clarinet
Tasman Compton (TAS) bassoon
Rosie Yang (VIC) horn
Isabella Thomas (NZ) trumpet
Jeremy Mazurek (WA) trombone
William Taber (NZ) double bass

THOMSON Sonata da Chiesa

Seb Coyne (VIC) viola
Clare Fox (NSW) clarinet
Evan Williams (guest) horn
Isabella Thomas (NZ) trumpet
Jordan Mattinson (QLD) trombone

SCHUBERT Death and the Maiden: ii - Andante con moto

Donica Tran (ACT) violin
Natalie Mavridis (NSW) violin
Harry Swainston (QLD) viola
Nadia Barrow (SA) cello

L WENNÄKOSKI Hymni ja salaisuus

Oakley Paul (WA) double bass
Harrison Steele-Holmes (VIC) trombone
Steven Bryer (QLD) percussion

CRUMB Black Angels

James Armstrong (NSW) violin
Peter Gjelsten (NZ) violin
Harry Swainston (QLD) viola
Jack Overall (SA) cello

Approximate duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes, including a 20-minute interval

Generously supported by Kerry Landman

Image credit: Nico Keenan


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