ANAM Recital: Sola Hughes (violin)

ANAM Recitals are an opportunity for musicians to make their own personal musical statement, through performance, repertoire and presentation.

Sola Hughes presents her recital: A nourishing and warming four course meal.

"For an appetiser we have Bach's Largo from the Solo Violin Sonata in C major. It sounds pure but also warm and melodic. Much like a small bowl of soup.

For the side salad, there is Bacewicz's Suite for 2 Violins. The form is a simple suite but there are many unexpected chords and rhythms, so it packs a punch! Like a standard salad but with nuts or croutons to add crunch, a few rare veggies and a special dressing that you've never tasted before.

Brahms Violin Sonata No.2 is the main meal. It's warm, gentle and nourishing. Whatever your childhood comfort food is, this is it.

Kreisler's Caprice Viennois is for dessert. It's a showy piece with a gooey and romantic centre. Like one of those cakes with a soft filling and it's decorated with flair.

I hope you enjoy your meal." - Sola Hughes

BACEWICZ Suite for 2 Violins
BRAHMS Violin Sonata No. 2
KREISLER Caprice Viennois
J S BACH III - Largo from Solo Violin Sonata No. 3 in C major

Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Sola Hughes (QLD) violin
Harry Egerton (QLD) violin
Aidan Boase (ANAM Associate Faculty) piano

Photo by Pia Johnson


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