MusiciansSophia Jones

Born into a musical family in Brisbane, Sophia commenced playing the violin at the age of five with her mother.  With her, Sophia’s love for the violin and chamber music truly ignited.

Sophia completed her A.Mus.A and L.Mus.A in 2018 and 2020 respectively before placing as Recitalist in the 2021 John Curro National Youth Concerto Competition. In 2022 she placed fourth in the Queensland Symphony Orchestra Young Instrumentalist Prize and second in 2023.

She joined the Queensland Youth Orchestra in 2014 reaching Principal First Violin of the flagship symphony orchestra in 2022 and participating in the international tour to Singapore and Europe in 2023. During her ten-year membership she was concertmaster of the Junior String Ensemble (2016-2017) and QYO2 (2019) and performed Schindler's List as soloist with QYO2 in 2019. She has also been an active participant in various Australian Youth Orchestra programs since 2022 and in 2024 reached Associate Concertmaster of the Bishop Orchestra.

In 2022, Sophia formed the DMI-Trio performing the Shostakovich Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor amongst other works for the Musica Viva Strike a Chord competition, ultimately receiving the string prize.

Sophia commences her studies at the Australian National Academy (ANAM) in 2024 studying with Adam Chalabi.

Outside of playing the violin, Sophia likes to cook vegan food and go walking.


Photo by Pia Johnson

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