Bach x Bratsche

In a celebration of Bach and Bratsche, interspersed with musical reflections by Jared Yapp, the ANAM violas are excited to present a series of three virtual concerts. In doing so, we aim to connect musicians and lovers of music from all walks of life and reinvigorate the classical music scene at the moment. By returning to the timeless work of Bach we hope to offer respite from the worries of the current climate and in turn provide motivation for ourselves and our fellow artists to continue playing and creating, even if our work cannot be shared in person.

Music - Dasha Auer

a rush of blood, of adrenaline, noradrenaline
a rush like the gold rush, of zeal,
the notes play on in my head, over and over
hands put together in warmth, hands articulating
thoughts, feelings
serenity, joy, desperation, triumph
what else could express so much
in a universal language,
a language without words



View online from 7.30pm Friday 26 June - Thursday 2 July 

JS BACH Suite no. 1 BWV 1007
JS BACH Suite no. 2 BWV 1008

Cora Fabbri NSW viola
Jared Yapp
WA viola
Henry Justo QLD viola


View online from 7.30pm Friday 3 July - Thursday 9 July 

JS BACH Suite no. 3 BWV 1009
JS BACH Suite no. 4 BWV 1010

Dasha Auer VIC viola
Ruby Shirres
VIC viola


View online from 7.30pm Friday 10 July - Thursday 16 July 

JS BACH Suite no. 5 BWV 1011
JS BACH Suite no. 6 BWV 1012

Molly Collier-O'Boyle QLD viola
Kate Worley
SA viola


Dasha Auer Molly Collier-O'Boyle Cora Fabbri Henry Justo Ruby Shirres Kate Worley Jared Yapp

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