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In 2021, Dasha will be collaborating with Luke Altmann for The ANAM Set.

Having essentially completed her tertiary studies in reverse order, Dasha is looking forward to what will hopefully be a more practical, performance-intensive year in 2021. While COVID-19 shutdowns proved a driving force for a somewhat compulsive bout of poetry writing, it was also a very isolating time for a musician and made Dasha pine for the euphoric rush of a live concert with an audience, and those inexplicable, shared, chamber music moments.

Having been unable to participate in her first Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) seasons due to COVID-19, Dasha is eagerly awaiting the return of AYO in 2021, as well as side by side projects at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM). These were a real highlight of Dasha’s first year of training at ANAM in 2019, enabling her to travel to both Perth and Hobart to play alongside their respective symphony orchestras.

Guest artists that Dasha has found particularly inspiring during her time at ANAM include the vibrant Gábor Takács-Nagy, Wynton Marsalis, and VOCES8 — of whom Dasha has long been a fan.

Though she can’t believe it is already her third year, Dasha is nevertheless keen to make the most of her final year training at ANAM with the wonderful Caroline Henbest! Dasha is also busy planning for European travels post-ANAM to study her undergraduate degree, and realises that she will be unable to match the quantity and variety of opportunities offered by ANAM. However, having lived in Melbourne more or less her whole life, she is very excited at the prospect of travelling and moving abroad, especially after 2020!

Photo by Pia Johnson

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