ANAM & Musica Viva National Tour: Opening Night Photos


The opening night of the ANAM and Musica Viva Tour on Tuesday 27 April was a grand success. Led by ANAM Head of Chamber Music (strings) Sophie Rowell, the ANAM Orchestra travelled with pianist Konstantin Shamray across Autralia between April and May, and are scheduled to return to Perth at a later date for a postponed concert. 

The program for this tour includes Mahler's Piano Quartet arranged for a larger ensemble by recent ANAM Alumnus Harry Ward (violin 2020), who is also a 2020–2021 Musica Viva Futuremaker.

"I am a die-hard Mahler fan and this arrangement should be seen as part of my appreciation for this work and his music," Harry confessed in an interview with Limelight. 

"My approach was to add to the narrative of the work, through increased range and adding depth to the climactic moments while also stripping back the instrumentation in the more intimate moments. A string ensemble with piano allows for so much variation in texture and colour – a greater palette for which I could use almost as if to highlight what I love about this piece of music." 

Mahler's Piano Quartet is followed by Alfred Schnittke's Concerto for Piano and String Orchestra, a touching affirmation of his artistic roots, and Mihkel Kerem’s Lamento, a work of searing beauty – as well as Tchaikovsky's popular Serenade for Strings. Scroll down to view photos.

Image Credit: Musica Viva Australia, James Grant Photography

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