It is very rewarding to see our musicians move out into the music world with success and energy, and also to see the overall standard of our new musicians gradually rising year by year: the ANAM phenomenon is snow-balling, and it’s very exciting to be part of that. - David Thomas, ANAM Head of Woodwinds

As well as regular individual lessons and instrument classes with principal, guest and visiting teachers, the woodwind musicians at ANAM take part in weekly Wind Classes, in which solo, chamber, orchestral and audition repertoire are performed, recorded, discussed and workshopped. Content for all classes is flexible, responding to individual musician goals (as established with each musician, their mentor and ANAM's Artistic Director) as well as all aspects of the musicians’ current and future musical activities both within and outside the ANAM program.

Recent visiting artists include:
Dietmar Wiesner
Ole Kristian Dahl

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