MusiciansAlex Tsang

Alex is commencing his first year at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), under the guidance of Jeffrey Crellin. Originating from Sydney, Alex graduated from St Aloysius College and pursued his Bachelor of Music Degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

During his formative years, Alex studied under the tutelage of Rie Tamaru and Conall McClure, the latter a member of the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. These experiences laid a solid foundation for his musical pursuits.

Alex's commitment to growth is evident through participation in masterclasses with Nick Deutsch, Ivan Podyomov, and Fabian Thouand. These encounters have enriched his perspective and expanded his artistic horizons.

As a musician, Alex strives for versatility, excelling in orchestral, solo, and chamber performances. His repertoire interests are diverse, each piece carrying a personal significance that adds depth to his musical expression.

Beyond music, Alex immerses himself in the meticulous art of oboe reed making, intertwining precision and creativity. Volleyball adds a dynamic dimension to his life, where teamwork and agility take centre stage. This well-rounded approach to life, coupled with a passion for diverse interests, enriches his artistic expression. As he navigates the challenges and opportunities at ANAM, he looks forward to the continued guidance of Jeffrey Crellin and the harmonious blend of his musical and personal pursuits.

Alex is the 2024 Simon Lee Foundation scholar. 

Photo by Pia Johnson

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