ANAM Radio: Thanks for Coming In (2016 Encore)

2016 Encore: Thanks for Coming In
Wednesday 15 July 2020

We’re doing a throwback episode for this week’s ANAM Radio just in time for the upcoming 2021 Performance Program applications! Listen as podcast hosts and alumni Luke Carbon (clarinet 2016) and Kenny Keppel (clarinet 2016) ask ANAM Artistic Director Nick Deutsch about auditions and the importance of not just mastering the material but also preparing for the unexpected situations that may arise while auditioning. Nick’s advice for aspiring musicians about to go through auditions: play as well as you prepared. In this episode we also hear funny anecdotes from Nick and some ANAM alumni about their auditions and last-minute audition mishaps that they were able to laugh off afterwards.
Application for the ANAM 2021 Performance Program open on July 24. Interested applicants can submit their recorded material online for the first round of auditions. Click here for more information.

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