2016 ANAM PODCAST: The Up-Bow Down-Low (Ep 4)

Episode 4: Thanks For Coming In
by Luke Carbon (QLD clarinet) and Kenny Keppel (NZ clarinet)

The meaty topic of auditions is on the menu this week, and somehow Rhapsody in Blue pops up twice in 32 minutes. ANAM Artistic Director Nick Deutsch joins us to share his experiences and stories of tears and triumph plus how they do it in Europe, and we’re joined by ANAM horn player Alex Morton for our Minute of Mimicry. We share a few collected stories from our friends and fellow auditionees who’ve experienced varying degrees of misfortune, and therefore hilarity, during the gruelling audition process. Why cry when you can laugh?

ANAM Radio ยท The Up-Bow Down-Low (Ep 4): Thanks for Coming In (feat. Nick Deutsch)
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