The program for ANAM Pianists has the flexibility to be tailor made to the musicians; taking into consideration particular interests and consultation with what the Faculty believes to be necessary to the musicians personal development. Opportunities are numerous and the pedagogical approach means learning to perform in the numerous guises of soloist, chamber musician (in both small and larger ensembles), orchestral piano, two pianos and piano duet, and with a wide range of instrumentalists and singers in duo partnership.

ANAM repertoire regularly includes all genres and styles in:
Other keyboards;
Harpsichord/Synth/Accordian, Ondes Martenot
Four Hand one piano, Four Hands two pianos
Duos with all instruments
Chamber music with a diversity of instruments (Larger Ensembles) 
Quartets, Quintets, Trios 
Orchestral Piano
Concertos with Orchestra 

I am a strong advocate of the necessity for pianists of the future to be multifaceted, creative, open-minded musicians who connect with society and culture and are not bound by the limiting traditional conception of what it means to be a Concert Pianist. (Timothy Young, ANAM Head of Chamber Music and Resident Piano Faculty)

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