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ANAM Set 2024 Composer: Work Title and Instrumentation to be announced.

About the composer:

Victor Arul (he/him) is a sound and media artist influenced by concepts of overflow, miscellany, and networked relations. He is enamoured by the ways in which self-derived systems can be pushed to their axiomatic limits. Specifically, he is interested in such strained systems which involve multifaceted and quasi-independent forces interacting with each other, contributing to a composite entity. The crystallising of interactive networks between such forces is what Victor finds most exciting. Stylistically, he is concerned with establishing antipodal relationships between sound entities, doing so in ways that correspond to his overly simplistic (and often deemed lousy) sense of humour.

Recent projects include pieces for the France-based Collective Lovemusic and the Brazil-based cellist William Teixeira. Other groups and artists he has worked with include the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Line Upon Line Percussion, Ensemble Recherche, Naoko Uemoto, Ashley Smith, and Jonathan Fitzgerald. Some awards that he has received for his work include a Marten Bequest Scholarship, a Bendat Scholarship, a Schenberg Fellowship, the Blodgett Composition Prize, and various travelling fellowships from Harvard University. Victor is currently studying for a Doctor of Philosophy at Harvard University under Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku.

Victor previously received a Bachelor of Music (Hons.) from the University of Melbourne under Elliott Gyger, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Australia under James Ledger. He has participated in various training programs including those hosted by Ensemble Offspring, Halcyon, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Youth Orchestra, and the Perth International Arts Festival.

For more about Victor, visit his website:

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