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ANAM Set 2024 Composer: Work Title and Instrumentation to be announced.

About the composer:

The Stuart Greenbaum sound has overt connections to jazz, pop and minimalism but is equally grounded in the Western art music tradition.

“I hear music in time as a journey. Often this involves viewing our home planet Earth from a distance and considering our place in the universe. I gravitate toward remote and abandoned places on Earth or beyond as a metaphor. We can experience loneliness in the midst of a crowded room, yet also sense connection in extremely isolated places.

My music aims to evoke an atmosphere apart from the routine of modern life. I believe in the need to allow space in a world increasingly filled with commercialism, light and noise pollution and 24/7 thinking. At times, I think we lose a sense of wonderment at our Earthly surrounds. Therefore, when I write, I seek an experience in sound to take me beyond everyday imperatives.”

Having studied composition with Broadstock and Conyngham at the University of Melbourne, Stuart Greenbaum (he/him) holds a position at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music as Professor and Head of Composition. He is the author of over 230 works including 26 sonatas, 5 piano trios, 8 string quartets, 5 concertos, 5 symphonies and 2 operas.

Greenbaum’s music appears on 40 commercially released CDs notably including 10 releases dedicated solely to his output: A Trillion Miles of Darkness, Electric Confession, The Final Hour, The Thin Blue Line, Return Journey, Satellite Mapping, Mondrian Interiors, 800 Million Heartbeats, Mercurial and Music for Theatre.

For more about Stuart, visit his website:

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