ComposersCharlie Sdraulig

Collaborating on The ANAM Set with ANAM musician Mia Stanton ACT violin

Intimacy, nuance, and quietude are the core themes of Charlie Sdraulig’s creative practice. His work often draws attention to the social dynamics of musical situations, focusing on subtle sonic and gestural behaviours.

Highlights include headlining I N T I M A T E, a festival produced by Kinetic (UK), where Gwenaelle Rouger (France), Marco Fusi (Italy), and Winnie Huang (Australia) performed a meditative, hour long experience for one audience member at a time. His music has been presented at numerous festivals internationally, including Ear to the Ground (Belgium), Kalv Festivalen (Sweden), MATA (USA), Schloss Solitude Sommerfest (Germany), and SPOR (Denmark). His works have been commissioned and performed by major soloists and ensembles: Apartment House (UK), Distractfold (UK), ELISION (Australia), Ensemble SurPlus (Germany), Spektral Quartet (USA), Adam Tendler (USA), Heather Roche (Canada), Weston Olencki (USA), Zubin Kanga (Australia), and many others.

He holds a Doctorate in Composition from Stanford University, where he was supervised by Brian Ferneyhough. His research encompasses writing upon social interaction and innovative notations in experimental sonic practices.

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Photo credti: Andrew A Watts

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