Management & Staff

Nick Bailey General Manager

Kate Mazoudier
 Deputy General Manager
Sylvia Hosking Senior Development Coordinator
Britt Gunther Development Events Coordinator
Billy Tanner Development Assistant

Charlotte Cassidy
Manager, People & Culture
Laura Panther Senior Alumni Coordinator* 

Anne MacDonald Finance Coordinator*

Nic Barclay
Head of Operations and Facilities
Nathan Ellul AV and Operations Coordinator

Lucy Ericson Manager, Training Program
Qian Ying Ong Senior Coordinator, Studio and Community Engagement
Jared Yapp Coordinator, Training Program
Naomi Holman Musician Coordinator
Alex Owens Music Librarian, ANAM Robert Salzer Foundation Library*

Rebecca West Marketing and Communications Manager*
Evan Lawson Senior Marketing Coordinator
Anne Hsuyin CRM and Ticketing Coordinator
Jase Scott Audience Experience Coordinator*
Emily Gu Marketing Assistant

*denotes part-time staff

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