2017 ANAM PODCAST: The Up-Bow Down-Low (Ep 10)

Episode 10: The Mavericks
By ANAM alumni Luke Carbon and Kenny Keppel
Published October 2017

Recorded live at ANAM as part of the Cage and Zappa concert on August 12 2017, this very special episode of the Up-Bow Down-Low sees hosts Luke and Kenny joined by Melbourne mezzo and choral director Jeannie Marsh, ANAM Head of Percussion Peter Neville, and Tasmanian piano virtuoso Michael Kieran Harvey for a panel discussion on John Cage and Frank Zappa. They discuss their maverickism, how they came to be some of the most incisive musical pioneers of the 20th century, and how their legacies are felt and honoured today. The Zappa quotes and aphorisms fly thick and fast!

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