2016 ANAM PODCAST: The Up-Bow Down-Low (Ep 1)

Episode 1: New Music
by Luke Carbon (QLD clarinet) and Kenny Keppel (NZ clarinet) 

In this first episode of the Up-Bow Down-Low, we talk about ‘new music’, the nebulously-defined body of recently composed Western classical music, and the challenges in getting audiences to listen to and understand what they’re hearing. We talk about the old and the new, and what it means to play the unfamiliar and the sometimes uncomfortable. We’re joined by the wonderful Ed Carroll, former Principal Trumpet of the Rotterdam Philharmonic and new music extraordinaire, who sheds some careful light on this tricky topic. We also meet Liam Meany, one of ANAM’s stellar cellists and all-round good guy.  

AND if you're keen for more after listening to this first episode... Click here to listen to episode 2

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