2016 ANAM PODCAST: The Up-Bow Down-Low (Ep 6)

Episode 6: The Road Less Travelled
by Luke Carbon (QLD clarinet) and Kenny Keppel (NZ clarinet)

ANAM flute alumna Tamara Kohler and internationally renowned conductor Douglas Boyd (former oboist and founding member of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe) join us this week to talk about their chosen paths down the road less travelled. We talk about the linear direction that a career in music can usually take, and about the courage and risk inherent in veering off the beaten path. Tamara (who also produces a podcast: MythirdEar) gets super excited talking about her recent Darmstadt adventure and the manifesto of the New Discipline, and Dougie tells us about how the Chamber Orchestra of Europe came to exist, and why he does what he does. 

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