ANAM Radio Special Part I (Ep 3 2021)

Episode 3, 2021: ANAM Radio Special Part I
Monday 7 June 2021

In this special episode of ANAM Radio, alumna Thea Rossen takes over the mic to chat with ANAM musicians and faculty about why ANAM is a unique and special place for young musicians. They also give us insights about what a usual week at ANAM looks like whilst musicians, faculty and guest artists prepare to play side by side in ANAM performances throughout the year.

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ANAM Radio ยท ANAM Radio Special (Ep 3 2021)

Thea Rossen (percussion 2016)
Peter Neville (Head of Percussion)
Virginia Taylor (Flute Faculty)
Damien Eckersley (Double Bass Faculty)
Nathan Gatenby (QLD) percussion
Rachel Lau (VIC) flute
Noah Rudd (NZ) oboe

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