ANAM Radio: Dvořák's Quintet in A Major (Ep 15 2020)

Episode 15, 2020: Dvořák’s Quintet in A major
Wednesday 4 November 2020

ANAM alumnus Laurence Matheson (piano 2016) and ANAM Music Librarian Phil Lambert agree that Dvořák was quite happy when he wrote his Quintet in A major in his country estate in Vysoká, Czech Republic in the summer of 1887. Yet, this light and folk-influenced composition finishes with a tone of pathos in the sudden slow section at the very end. While some might feel that the change does not quite fit the general mood of the piece, Laurence was drawn to the way Dvořák was able to bring the work together with a sense of gravitas.
In this episode of ANAM Radio, Phil and Laurence talk about the Dvořák’s journey and influences when he wrote this piece, and why Laurence chose it to be part of his concert series. The video recording is from one of Laurence’s ANAM fellowship concerts in 2016 with ANAM musicians and guest artists.

ANAM Radio · Dvořák’s Quintet in A major (Ep 15 2020)


DVOŘÁK Quintet for two violins, viola, cello and piano in A major

Laurence Matheson director/piano
Sophie Rowell violin
Freya Franzen violin
Christopher Cartlidge (viola 2010)
Michael Dahlenburg (cello 2010)

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