ANAM Radio: Chopin's Barcarolle (Ep 10 2020)

Episode 10, 2020: Chopin’s Barcarolle
Wednesday 19 August 2020

It is surprising to know that Frédéric François Chopin wrote the Barcarolle without having had the chance to visit Venice during his lifetime. A barcarolle is a Venetian gondolier's song, and Chopin wrote his in 1845.  ANAM Alumnus Adam McMillan (piano 2017) tells ANAM Music Librarian Phil Lambert about Chopin’s love for the opera as a possible inspiration for this composition as some of the arias written around that time were written in the Barcarolle style.
In this episode, you will also hear Adam talk about how performing this piece feels like being “in a dream the whole time.” The recording featured on this episode is from Adam’s ANAM Recital in 2017. Watch out for Phil’s favourite moment of suspense that begins about 6:51 into the video.

ANAM Radio ยท Chopin's Barcarolle (Ep 10 2020)


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CHOPIN Barcarolle

Adam McMillan (piano 2017)

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