ANAM Radio: Brahms' Horn Trio (Ep 6 2021)

Episode 6, 2021: Brahms’ Horn Trio
Friday 8 October 2021

German composer Johannes Brahms’ Horn Trio is a unique contribution to chamber repertoire, written originally for violin, piano and horn. Composed in 1865 after his mother’s death, the piece is both nostalgic and melancholic interwoven with extra-melodic details of lullabies Brahms’ mother used to sing for him.  

This week, ANAM Music Librarian Phil Lambert talks to ANAM horn player Tim Allen-Ankins (QLD) about his experience performing this piece for his ANAM recital last year. Tim, who plays with a Modern Valve Horn, shares with us how he attempted to imitate the sounds of an Old Forest Horn which was the original instrument Brahms used when he wrote this composition.

Tim’s efforts truly paid off as he received the 2020 St Silas Prize for the Most Outstanding Performance in an ANAM Recital for his performance. The video that is featured with this ANAM Radio episode is from Tim Allen-Ankins recital last year which was recorded in Queensland with fellow ANAM musicians, Claire Weatherhead (violin, QLD) and Amanda Pang (piano, QLD).


ANAM Radio ยท Brahms' Horn Trio (Ep 6 2021)


BRAHMS Horn Trio for E-flat op. 40

Tim Allen-Ankins horn
Amanda Pang piano
Claire Weatherhead violin

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