2016 ANAM PODCAST: The Up-Bow Down-Low (Ep 2)

Episode 2: Two Erring Humans
by Luke Carbon (QLD clarinet) and Kenny Keppel (NZ clarinet)

This episode is all about perfection, and what that word means in the modern day world of classical music. Our well-meaning discussion on trying to achieve the impossible gets a bit sidetracked by robot trumpet players before being joined by Finnish virtuoso pianist Paavali Jumppanen who charmingly gives us his take on what it means to be perfect in an environment governed by digital recording technology and expectation. Paavali takes us on a trip into the unexpected industry of niche live-to-vinyl recordings, and we meet one of ANAM’s pianists, the delightful Andrew Leathwick, and accidentally inflict jazz on a Beethoven concerto. In advance, sorry.

ANAM Radio ยท Upbow Downlow Ep 2- Two Erring Humans (feat. Paavali Jumppanen)
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