*CANCELLED* Masters of Minimalism

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Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, this event has been cancelled and we are in the process of calling all ticket holders. For more information regarding our response to COVID-19 click HERE.

ANAM musicians and faculty, conducted by ardent champion of contemporary composers, perform two landmarks in the recent history of North American music.

  • The Chamber Symphony is one of Adams’ most joyous, playful, transparent works, inspired in equal parts by Schoenberg and Carl Stalling, music director during the golden years of the Warner Bros. cartoons
  • Steve Reich’s Tehillim is like a giant ‘Hallelujah’, a pulsating song of praise, drawing on Biblical texts

PETER DE JAGER Overgrown Machine World Premiere, commissioned by ANAM
JOHN ADAMS Chamber Symphony

Fabian Russell conductor
ANAM Musicians

“[In my Chamber Symphony] instruments are asked to negotiate unreasonably difficult passages and alarmingly fast tempos, often to the inexorable click of the trap set. But therein, I suppose, lies the perverse charm of the piece.” — JOHN ADAMS

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