I’m proudest of the fact that all of our musicians have gone on to be successful in music and to follow through with their passion and their interest…The finest musicians I think are the inquisitive ones, they always want to know something else, want to find out something else but I think what makes percussion so exciting is the endless possibilities. - Peter Neville, Head of Percussion

The ANAM percussion department provides an immersive experience in the areas of orchestral, chamber and solo performance (including percussion ensemble). Musicians have the opportunity to work with Australia’s leading professional percussionists as well as a regular roster of amazing percussionists from all around the world. 

Recent visiting artists include:
Tony Bedewi
Wei-Chen Lin
Steven Schick
Nigel Thomas
Jan Williams
William Winant

The department regularly presents major annual events, such as the Australian premiere of Antheill’s original Ballet Mechanique in 2016 and the Australian premiere of Alejandro Vinao’s Water in 2015, a co-commission by ANAM’s Head Of Percussion, Peter Neville.

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