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 The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is one of a few pre-professional performance-based training institutions in the world and is known for its innovation, energy and adventurous programming. ANAM draws on the best international and national performers and educators to create a world-renowned faculty and a host of guest artists who students collaborate with in a year-long program that encompasses a multitude of styles and performance situations. ANAM produces accomplished, dedicated and knowledgeable musicians who go on to become the future leaders in classical music.

A year at ANAM provides immense opportunity to pursue your goals, engaging with music making of the highest calibre that encompasses a multitude of styles and performance situations.

Daily, you mix face-to-face with the country’s finest teaching faculty alongside acclaimed artists from around the world. It is extremely challenging and demanding while at the same incredibly exciting, enriching and rewarding. Informing and expecting of you an intense engagement with a breadth of knowledge and experience that will expand horizons, ANAM is the perfect place to refine your musical skills, preparing for a life long and vital career in music.

I think the broader the exposure young musicians have to various types of musicians, repertoire and opportunities, the broader their musical horizons become. It is a big challenge for a training institution today, to be able to confront young musicians with a wide scope of different musical genres and professional opportunities but it’s something we have the ability to do at ANAM and we take that very seriously. Most institutions will teach their students about it, here at ANAM we actually perform it. (Nick Deutsch, ANAM Artistic Director)


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