Our alumni are performers, pedagogues and cultural leaders across Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. They contribute significantly to Australia’s vibrant arts sector, with 95% of graduates in the last five years (2019-2023) securing work in the arts, either permanent employment or freelance work. About a quarter of all graduates in the last five years have secured post-graduate positions in prestigious international music schools, such as Royal Academy of Music (London), Mozarteum University Salzburg, Sibelius Academy, The Colburn School, and The Juilliard School of Music.

“The three years I spent at ANAM opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. I arrived not quite sure how I would create a life in the music world, and emerged with the skills, networks and connections that have helped me to forge a professional career as a musician."

Australian Orchestras

The following figures are the percentages of ANAM alumni currently holding permanent positions in Australian orchestras (current at 19 July 2024):

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – 26% +

Philip Arkinstall (alum 1998) Associate Principal Clarinet
Lauren Brigden (alum 2002) Section Viola
Anthony Chataway (alum 2014) Section Viola
Tiffany Cheng (alum 2017) Section Second Violin
William Clark (alum 2015) Section Viola
Jonathon Coco (alum 2015) Principal Double Bass 
Rohan Dasika
 (alum 2014) Acting Assistant Principal Double Bass
Benjamin Hanlon (alum 2007) Section Double Bass
Karla Hanna (alum 2017) Section First Violin
Anne-Marie Johnson (alum 2014) Acting Assistant Concertmaster
Josiah Kop (alum 2021) Section Horn
Andrew Macleod (alum 1996) Principal Piccolo
Christopher Moore (alum 1998) Principal Viola
Stephen Newton (alum 2004) Acting Associate Principal Double Bass
Rebecca Proietto (alum 2011) Section Cello
Jack Schiller (alum 2012) Principal Bassoon
Rachel Shaw (alum 2013) Section Horn
Kathryn Taylor (alum 2003) Section First Violin
David Thomas (alum 1997) Principal Clarinet
Caleb Wong (alum 2019) Section Cello

Sydney Symphony Orchestra – 21% +

Harry Bennetts (alum 2016) Associate Concertmaster
Brielle Clapson (alum 2002) Section First Violin
Simon Cobcroft (alum 2003) Associate Principal Cello 
Kristy Conrau
 (alum 2000) Section Cello
Timothy Constable (alum 1998) Section Percussion
Lerida Delbridge (alum 2000) Assistant Concertmaster
Marianne Edwards (alum 2005) Associate Principal Second Violin
David Elton (alum 1998) Principal Trumpet
Claire Herrick (alum 2008) Section First Violin
Kirsty Hilton (alum 1998) Principal Second Violin
Stuart Johnson (alum 2003) Section Viola
Alexander Morris (alum 2012) Principal Bass Clarinet
Timothy Nankervis (alum 2000) Section Cello
Alexander Norton (alum 2005) Section First Violin
Alexandra Osborne (alum 2000) Associate Concertmaster
Christopher Pidcock (alum 2008) Section Cello
Marnie Sebire (alum 2000) Section Horn
Emma Sholl (alum 1998) Associate Principal Flute
Rachel Silver (alum 2000) Section Horn

Queensland Symphony Orchestra – 17% +

Martin Alexander (alum 2016) Section Viola
Timothy Allen-Ankins (alum 2021) Associate Principal Horn
Ashley Carter (alum 2014) Associate Principal Trombone
David Mitchell (alum 1998) Associate Principal Bassoon
Hayley Radke (alum 2008) Associate Principal Flute
Claire Ramuscak (alum 2010) Principal Contrabassoon
Phoebe Russell (alum 2012) Principal Double Bass
Rainer Saville (alum 2014) Principal Trumpet
Rebecca Seymour (alum 2003) Section First Violin
Irit Silver (alum 2006) Principal Clarinet
Mia Stanton (alum 2021) Section First Violin
Nicole Tait (alum 1998) Principal Bassoon

West Australian Symphony Orchestra – 35% +

Sarah Blackman (alum 2009) Section Violin
Alex Brogan (alum 2004) Associate Principal Viola
Julia Brooke (alum 2012) Section Horn
Benjamin Caddy (alum 2011) Section Viola
David Evans (alum 2000) Principal Horn
Amy Furfaro (alum 2009) Section Violin
Rebecca Glorie
(alum 2003) Section Violin
Emma Hunt (alum 2013) Section Violin
William Huxtable (alum 2019) Section Violin
Alexandra Isted (alum 2011) Section Violin
Christina Katsimbardis (alum 2010) Section Violin
Semra Lee (alum 2010) Assistant Concertmaster
Kylie Liang (alum 2007) Associate Principal Second Violin
Eve McEwen (alum 2021) Associate Principal Horn
Nicholas Metcalfe (alum 2006) Section Cello
Adam Mikulicz (alum 2008) Associate Principal Bassoon
Peter Miller (alum 1997) Section Trumpet
Lucas O’Brien (alum 2010) Section Violin
Elliot O’Brien (alum 2015) Section Viola
Jonathan Ryan (alum 2000) Principal Cor Anglais
Eve Silver (alum 2006) Associate Principal Cello
Riley Skevington (alum 2017) Associate Concertmaster
Kate Sullivan (alum 2011) Assistant Principal Second Violin
Chloe Turner (alum 2011) Principal Contrabassoon
Samantha Wickramasinghe (alum 2000) Section Violin

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra – 26% +

Janet Anderson (alum 2002) Section Violin
Sarah Barrett (alum 1998) Associate Principal Horn
Mitchell Berick (alum 2008) Principal Bass Clarinet
Linda Garrett (alum 2004) Section Viola
Mark Gaydon (alum 1997) Principal Bassoon
Sharon Grigoryan (alum 2008) Associate Principal Cello
Cameron Hill (alum 2008) Associate Concertmaster
Shuhei Lawson (alum 2023) Section Cello
Dean Newcomb (alum 2008) Principal Clarinet
Jackie Newcomb (alum 2008) Principal Contrabassoon
Liam Oborne (alum 2019) Section Violin
Holly Piccoli (alum 2008) Principal First Violin
Alison Rayner (alum 2000) Section Violin
Michael Robertson (alum 2002) Section Viola
Timothy Skelly (alum 2018) Section Horn
Renae Stavely (alum 1996) Associate Principal Oboe
Amanda Tillett (alum 2016) Principal Bass Trombone

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra – 30% +

Jonathan Békés (alum 2017) Principal Cello
Douglas Coghill (alum 2011) Section Viola
Edwina George (alum 2012) Section Violin
Lloyd Hudson (alum 2000) Section Flute / Piccolo
Rohana O’Malley (alum 2007) Section Violin
Anna Larsen Roach (alum 1996) Section Viola
Claudia Leggett (alum 2021) Principal Third Horn
Nicholas McManus (alum 2021) Section Cello
William Newbery (alum 1999) Section Viola
Martin Penicka (alum 2005) Section Cello
Caleb Wright (alum 2006) Principal Viola

Opera Australia Orchestra – 18% +

Joshua Clarke (alum 1998) Principal Trumpet
Philip Green (alum 2000) Associate Principal Clarinet
Tara Houghton (alum 2009) Section Viola
Katherine Lukey (alum 2008) Deputy Concertmaster
Kevin Man (alum 1998) Associate Principal Percussion
Airena Nakamura (alum 2000) Principal Second Violin
Matthew Tighe (alum 1997) Associate Principal Oboe

Orchestra Victoria – 29% +

Benjamin Anderson (alum 2012) Principal Bass Trombone
Justin Beere (alum 2014) Associate Principal Clarinet
Dafydd Camp (alum 2012) Principal Cor Anglais
Melissa Chominsky (alum 1999) Principal Cello
Kylie Davies (alum 1997) Associate Principal Double Bass
Joshua de Graaf (alum 2006) Associate Principal Oboe
Guy du Blêt (alum 1998) Principal Timpani
Mark Fitzpatrick (alum 2001) Principal Trumpet
Thomas Higham (alum 2013) Associate Principal Viola
Erica Kennedy (alum 2000) Associate Principal First Violin
Mathew Levy (alum 2017) Principal Percussion
Lucy Warren (alum 2011) Section Violin
Andrew Young (alum 2011) Principal Horn

Australian Chamber Orchestra – 21% +

Stefanie Farrands (alum 2008) Principal Viola
Liisa Pallandi (alum 2012) Violin
Julian Thompson (alum 1999) Cello

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra – 19% +

Matthew Bruce (alum 1998) Associate Concertmaster
Keal Couper (alum 1998) Sackbutt / Period Trombone
Daniel Curro (alum 2006) Baroque Cello
Dorée Dixon (alum 2000) Baroque Horn
Ben Dollman (alum 1996) Baroque Violin
Melissa Farrow (alum 1996) Baroque Flute / Recorder
Ben Hoadley (alum 1997) Baroque Bassoon
Roslyn Jorgensen (alum 1998) Sackbutt / Period Trombone
Shaun Lee-Chen (alum 2002) Concertmaster
John Ma (alum 2003) Baroque Viola
Simone Walters (alum 2000) Baroque Bassoon


Australian Chamber Ensembles

The following Australian chamber ensembles and chamber orchestras feature ANAM alumni as founding and ongoing members (current at 8 Jul 2024):


Alumni Around the World

The following ANAM alumni have established careers as performers and arts practitioners internationally. In addition, there are a large number of ANAM alumni undertaking further music training at music schools around the world.


Austria +

Christopher Bainbridge (alum 2015) Double Bass - Klangkollektiv Wien
Alison Frilingos (alum 2000) Cello – Wiener Kammerorchester
Karl Huml (alum 1998) Operatic Bass

Belgium +

Lisa Goldberg (alum 1998) Freelance Bassoonist and Early Music Specialist

Denmark +

Dasha Auer (alum 2021) Viola Academist - Copenhagen Philharmonic

Finland +

Amelia Coleman (alum 2009) Section Oboe / Cor Anglais - Finnish National Opera
Mariette Reefman (alum 2018) Section Viola - Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexis Routley (alum 2008) Principal Horn - Joensuun Kaupunginorkesteri

France +

Bonnie Brown (alum 2008) Concert Pianist
Thomas Hutchinson
 (alum 2011) Principal Oboe - L'Orchestre national de France
Emily Imbert (alum 2003) Principal Second Violin – Orchestre national de Cannes
Nicholas McRoberts (alum 1998) Conductor and Composer

Germany +

Philippa Allan (alum 1997) Founder and Director – Real Arts Management, Berlin
Alexander Arai-Swale (alum 2017) Freelance Double Bassist 
Doretta Balkizas
 (alum 2015) Associate Principal Second Violin - Bremer Philharmoniker
Samuel Beagley (alum 2018) Trumpet Academist - Staatskapelle Berlin
Helen Buchbach (alum 2000) Freelance Double Bassist
Genevieve Clifford
 (alum 2006) Tutti Horn - Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester
Nicholas Clifford (alum 2005) Tutti Viola - Badische Staatskapelle, Karlsruhe
David Cribb (alum 1997) Principal Tuba – Gewandhaus Orchester
Phoebe Gardner
(alum 2021) Violin Academist - Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmoniker
Kate Green (alum 2003) Freelance Cellist
William Grigg
(alum 2009) Section Second Violin - Gürzenich Orchester Köln
Danny Gu (alum 2007) Principal Second Violin - Das Saarländische Staatsorchester
Alexina Hawkins (alum 2013) Freelance Violist
Jonathan Heilbron
(alum 2012) Double Bass - Ensemble KNM Berlin; Founder - Phonetic Orchestra
Neela Hetzel De Fonseka
 (alum 2004) Section Second Violin - Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin
Caitlin Hulcup (alum 2001) Operatic Mezzo Soprano; Professor of Singing – Universität der Künste Berlin
Christa Jardine (alum 2009) Principal Viola - Das Orchester des Staatstheaters am Gärtnerplatz
Jodie Lawson (alum 1997) Low Horn - Bochumer Symphoniker
Matthew McDonald
(alum 1998) Principal Double Bass – Berlin Philharmoniker
Louise McKay (alum 2008) Freelance Cellist
Simon Monger (alum 2003) Concertmaster - Bielefelder Philharmoniker
Kana Ohashi (alum 2008) Section First Violin - Gewandhaus Orchester
Mana Ohashi
(alum 2018) Violin Academist - Hermann-Levi-Akademie, Bayerisches Staatsorchester
Michael Olsen
 (alum 2018) Section Trumpet - Göttingen Symphony Orchestra
Jovan Pantelich (alum 2017) Principal Cello - Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie
Tahlia Petrosian (fellow 2012) Section Viola – Gewandhaus Orchester
Caroline Renn
(alum 2020) Freelance Double Bassist
Cassandra Slater
(alum 2019) Principal Flute - Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin
Michael Smallwood (alum 1999) Operatic Tenor
Johnny van Gend
(alum 2019) Section First Violin - Nationaltheater-Orchester Mannheim
Alexander Waite (alum 2018) Freelance Pianist and Contemporary Chamber Musician
Harry Ward (alum 2020) Section First Violin - Berlin Philharmoniker
Melinda Watzel (alum 1997) Principal Second Violin - Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin
Lavinia Whitaker (alum 2000) Freelance Oboist
Lauren Whitehead (alum 2010) Section Horn - Landestheater Detmold
Sine Winther (alum 2020) Concert Pianist and Chamber Musician

Netherlands +

James Aylward (alum 2000) Freelance Bassoonist 
Brendan Conroy (alum 1999) Freelance Cellist and Teacher
Derek Welton (alum 2003) Operatic Bass-Baritone
Allison Wright (alum 2014) Freelance Composer, Arranger, Producer, Sound Designer and Trumpeter

Portugal +

Sally Dean (alum 1998) Oboe Soloist and Section Leader - Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa

Sweden +

Jack Bailey (alum 2013) Cello - Musica Vitae
Samuel Coppin (alum 2002) Principal Cello - Västerås Sinfonietta
Vivien Jeffery (alum 2005) Associate Concertmaster - Jönköpings Sinfonietta
Lachlan O’Donnell (alum 2011) Section Second Violin - Swedish Radio Orchestra

Switzerland +

Michael Brooks Reid (alum 2008) Violin - Camerata Bern
Greg Flynn (alum 1998) Principal Trumpet - Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen
Suyeon Kang (alum 2004) Violin - Camerata Bern
Claire Linquist (alum 2013) Principal Horn - Collegium Musicum Basel
James Morley (alum 2021) Freelance Cellist and Contemporary Chamber Musician
Lathika Vithanage
 (alum 2004) Baroque Violin - Il Caleidoscopio

United Kingdom +

Iona Allan (alum 2016) Section Second Violin - BBC Concert Orchestra
Jeremy Barnett (alum 1998) Freelance Percussionist
Cameron Campbell (alum 2015) Section Viola - Philharmonia Orchestra
Catherine Carby (alum 1998) Operatic Mezzo Soprano
Rebecca Chan (alum 2008) Associate Leader - Philharmonia Orchestra
Kathy Chow (alum 2021) Concert Pianist
Helena Dix (alum 2002) Operatic Soprano
Adrian Dwyer (alum 1999) Operatic Tenor
Naoko Keatley (alum 1999) Section Second Violin – London Symphony Orchestra
Kenny Keppel (alum 2016) Freelance Clarinettist
Ben Kerslake (alum 2003) Operatic Tenor
Magdalenna Krstevska (alum 2017) Freelance Clarinettist
Linda Lin (alum 2002) Cello - English Chamber Orchestra
Pei-Jee Ng (alum 2002) Principal Cello – Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Kirsten Shlomowitz (alum 1997) Section Second Violin - Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Rachel Smith (alum 2002) Section Second Violin - Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Jeremy Watt
(alum 2000) Sub-Principal Double Bass - City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra; Founder - Luminate Records
Debs White (alum 1999) Concertmaster - London Music Theatre Orchestra

Asia & Oceania

China +

Jessica Fotinos (alum 2012) Principal Harp - International Suzhou Symphony Orchestra

Hong Kong +

Megan Sterling (alum 2000) Principal Flute - Hong Kong Philharmonic

Japan +

Vaughan Hughes (alum 2000) Assistant Principal Second Violin - Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa

Malaysia +

Matthew Larsen (alum 1998) Sub-Principal Clarinet – Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

New Zealand +

Laura Barton (alum 2019) Section Violin - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Amy Brookman (alum 2014) Associate Principal Second Violin - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Jillian Christoff (alum 2006) Freelance Horn Player and Teacher
Peter Clark (alum 2012) Second Violin - New Zealand String Quartet
Sebastian Dunn
(alum 2013) Sub-Principal Horn - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Beatrix Francis (alum 2015) Section Viola - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Jeremy Garside (alum 2021) Associate Principal Cello - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Monique Lapins (alum 2010) Freelance Violinist
Heather Lewis (alum 2016) Principal Cello - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Ben Lovell Greene (alum 2016) Associate Principal Trombone - Auckland Philharmonia
Alexander Morton (alum 2017) Section Horn - Christchurch Symphony Orchestra; Horn - Morton Trio
Shannon Pittaway (alum 1998) Principal Bass Trombone - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Joshua Rogan (alum 2013) Associate Principal Trumpet - Auckland Philharmonia
Eli Vincent (alum 2017) Section Viola - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Singapore +

Carolyn Hollier (alum 1996) Second Oboe – Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Pei-Sian Ng (alum 2002) Principal Cello – Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Li-Wei Qin (alum 1996) Cello Soloist; Cello Professor - Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

Thailand +

Graeme Norris (alum 2005) Managing Director - Master Music Consulting and The Pattaya Violin Centre

North & South Americas

Mexico +

James Munro (alum 2009) Section Viola - Orquesta Filarmónica de Jalisco

United States of America +

Lina Andonovska (alum 2011) Flute - Eighth Blackbird
Andrew Bishop (alum 1997) Chair of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation and Professor of Music - University of Michigan
Reuben Blundell
(alum 2002) Music Director and Conductor - Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra and Riverside Orchestra
Jenna Breen (alum 2009) Second Horn - Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Alistair Crawford (alum 2012) Principal Trombone - Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
Melanie Dyball (alum 1996) Section Cello – Boston Ballet Orchestra
Amir Farid
(alum 2005) Piano - Exponential Ensemble
Kathryn James Adduci (alum 1998) Modern and Baroque Trumpet Specialist and Music Educator
Sarah Kim
(alum 2011) Concert Cellist and Chamber Musician
Terry Leahy (alum 1996) Freelance Trombone and Low Brass Musician and Educator
Rebecca Nash (alum 1996) Operatic Soprano
Hannah Sun
(alum 2002) Adjunct Professor of Music and Collaborative Pianist - Stetson University, Florida
Liam Wooding
(alum 2019) Concert Pianist and Chamber Musician; Piano - Morton Trio

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“I left ANAM feeling like there was no mountain that I couldn't tackle, no musical situation I couldn't handle. ANAM helped me find my voice and gave me the tools I needed to express myself in every walk of musical life."

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