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Lewis Grey’s musical journey began at the age of four when his incessant plunking at the piano forced his parents to give him lessons. After exploring the piano, violin and cello he found the trumpet. He learned from Thomas Eves, and held an internship with Christchurch Symphony Orchestra (CSO), where Thomas is Principal Trumpet, before commencing his studies at the New Zealand School of Music with Mark Carter, completing his Bachelor of Music in 2023.

Since his move to Wellington, Lewis has performed with a variety of ensembles, including the CSO, Wellington Brass Band, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and Orchestra Wellington, where he won the Associate Principal Trumpet position in 2023, undertaking a trial the same year.

He has been a member of the NZSO National Youth Orchestra since 2019 and was Principal Trumpet in 2023 under maestro Giancarlo Guerrero. Also in 2023, he performed the Arutiunian Trumpet Concerto with the Wellington Youth Orchestra, of which he is also Principal Trumpet, after winning their Concert Competition.

The NZSO awarded Lewis an Alex Lindsay grant in 2022, and in 2023 he was awarded a Therle Drake Award for Excellence in Music by NZSM.

Lewis commences his first year at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in 2024, studying with Yoram Levy and David Elton.

Lewis is passionate about all music, from opera to avant garde jazz, but he aspires to be an orchestral trumpet player. He is excited for his first year studying at ANAM and living in Melbourne.

Outside of music, Lewis is a passionate reader, enjoys going to the gym and the occasional run, and loves cooking classical French cuisine, among other creative outlets.

 Lewis is fully supported by ANAM Syndicate donor Ian Manning

Photo by Pia Johnson

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