MusiciansAngus Pace

Angus is starting their studies at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in 2024 under the tutelage of Colin Prichard. Before this, they completed their Bachelor of Music Performance at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, studying with Ben Anderson and Don Immel. 

Angus is a bass trombonist who finds delight in playing music with others. As a trombonist they have the required love of romantic orchestral music, especially Mahler and Strauss. As well as this, they are also excited to explore their passion for new music, especially in mixed chamber and solo settings.

While at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Angus had the opportunity to play with the University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The highlight of their time in the ensemble was the 2023 international tour to Singapore and Malaysia playing Mahler's First Symphony.

Angus had the opportunity to play with ANAM as a guest musician various times across eight projects prior to them accepting their position. A highlight of this was brass ensemble residency with Jeroen Berwaerts. Already feeling somewhat at home at the Abbotsford Convent they are excited to begin their studies in 2024.

Angus is fully supported by ANAM Syndicate donor Gudrun Genee.

Photo by Pia Johnson

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