Unstoppable Artists: Timothy Young, ANAM Head of Piano

ANAM and CutCommon are launching a new interview series about the unstoppable artists of Australia — established and emerging — so we can facilitate an honest discussion about how musicians are continuing to engage in their music education during COVID-19.

Timothy Young, ANAM Head of Piano


Music education has shifted to the digital world almost seamlessly, hasn’t it? As a teacher, what have you found to be some of the best techniques to communicate in this new way, in the absence of physical presence? After all, music is indeed a physical practice!

[...] Sound, ironically in a live streaming scenario, is still somewhat of a compromise because it is very dependent on the upload speeds of the internet from both sides. This, we have to accept. In a live streaming, ‘teaching from home’ scenario, the video has been an essential ingredient. It permits me to link the movement back to the sound. I think this is an extraordinary process, in which the brain pulls together all the information available to recreate this capacity to ‘hear’ sound in the movement. Much valuable work can be done in this context — at least, I have found this with regard to piano playing!

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