Unstoppable Artists: Damien Eckersley, ANAM Double Bass Faculty

ANAM and CutCommon are launching a new interview series about the unstoppable artists of Australia — established and emerging — so we can facilitate an honest discussion about how musicians are continuing to engage in their music education during COVID-19.

Damien Eckersley, ANAM Double Bass Faculty


How connected do you still feel to your community — from your ANAM community through to your friends in the industry? And how are you maintaining or even enriching these connections?

[...] Towards the beginning of the lockdown period, I was checking in on some old students of mine who are in different parts of the country. We thought we would try to collaborate online, started bouncing around ideas, and produced some isolation bass quartet videos. Musical fulfilment aside, it has been a really great way to stay in touch. 

I have really, really missed seeing my students and working with them in person. I’m sure I always knew this, but the current situation has really reminded me that not only are they great young musicians, they are amazing people!


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