Music Education Matters, Says Robin Wilson

This year, we are working in partnership with CutCommon to explore how music education can help shape lives. CutCommon's Founding Editor Stephanie Eslake sits down with ANAM Faculty, Musicians and Alumni to excavate the true stories behind the power of music education as seen from the perspective of both emerging and established industry figures. 


Music education matters, says Robin Wilson, violin


[...] The way this music is introduced is crucial. If you can frame repertoire in a context, it is more exciting to learn. For example, for young students who have never played Mozart, it is important to introduce them to singing, operatic characters, storytelling, and the lavish attire and proportioned architecture of the time. Relating this to gesture, structure, and sound can make learning much more meaningful.

"Too many times, students think they need to focus on technique to be a better player at the expense of musical understanding. Essentially, their technique becomes misguided and their playing lacks intent, as there is no broader musical purpose to inform it."

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