ANAM Radio: Homage to Gideon Klein (Ep 2 2019)

Episode 2: Homage to Gideon Klein
Wednesday 5 June 2019

2019 marks 100 years since Czech composer Gideon Klein died in horrifying circumstances during World War II. However, his music – a distinctive mix of folk-infused melodies reminiscent of Leoš Janáček and the modernist sensibilities espoused by Arnold Schoenberg’s 12-tone school – lives on, and is only becoming more prolific with time.

In this episode of ANAM Radio, hear ANAM Artistic Director Nick Deutsch, Royal Northern College of Music researcher Dr David Fligg, and ANAM pianist Maggie Pang talk about Gideon Klein’s life, music and legacy.

Written and produced by Madi Chwasta for ANAM.
Divertimento for Wind Octet - Gideon Klein, performed by ANAM musicians.
Serenade in D minor - Antonín Dvořák, performed by ANAM musicians.
Sonata for piano - Gideon Klein, performed by Maggie Pang.

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