The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is one of a few pre-professional performance-based training institutions in the world and is known for its innovation, energy and adventurous programming. ANAM engages the world’s best international and national performers and pedagogues with whom musicians collaborate in a year-long program that encompasses a multitude of styles and performance situations. ANAM produces accomplished, dedicated and knowledgeable musicians who go on to become the future leaders in classical music.

A year at ANAM provides immense opportunity to pursue your personal goals, curate your own programs and to engage with music making of the highest calibre in performance. 

Daily, you mix face-to-face and perform alongside acclaimed artists including working with composers of today. It is extremely challenging and demanding while at the same time incredibly exciting, enriching and rewarding. An intense engagement with a breadth of knowledge and experience will expand your horizons. ANAM is the place to refine your musical skills, preparing for a lifelong and vital career in the music industry.

“Today’s music world is craving musicians who are creative, independent, and ready to be the torchbearers for the art we all love. At ANAM we delve into study of instrumental craft and musical sensibility. On a journey sponsored by curiosity and fuelled by inspiration, we explore the sounds of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our faculty are expert pedagogues and their commitment and integrity ensures that every aspiring musician joining our community gets a chance to reach their maximum.” – Paavali Jumppanen, ANAM Artistic Director

Interested in training at ANAM? Find out more about our Performance Program or email study@anam.com.au

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