Monday Motivation for Musicians

When you walk into the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), remember to look up. You will notice the fluorescent tubes that spell ANAM, which continue to glow in their place without bemoaning their hidden labour. Officially, ANAM is open from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. However, our lights refuse to go out, and music never stops here. 

- turn around. One side of the reception area serve as a noticeboard, and due to the number of exciting things that take place concurrently, at least one section of the wall is always almost-completely covered up. Here we have the "Quote of the Week," which are hand-picked by our Artistic Director Nick Deutsch, and serve as a code of conduct for our musicians. Scroll down for the Monday Motivations that guided life at ANAM for the past 17 weeks. 

Week 1: A new year begins! Everyone is excited - "You just have to set foot in the building to feel the energy and excitement” (Nick Deutsch, ANAM Artistic Director).  


Week 2: ANAM Musicians come from all states of Australia, as well as from New Zealand. This is the week when the musicians begin to gel together, and before we know it, the practice rooms are booked out and the individuals become a cohort.


Week 3: Risk-taking is one of our values. As ANAM Artistic Director Nick Deutsch puts it, "It is a big challenge for a training institution today to be able to confront musicians with a wide scope of different musical genres and professional opportunities, but it is something we have the ability to do at ANAM and we take that very seriously."


Week 4: Classical music is a genre that's often enamoured with perfection. However, ANAM Musicians know that perfection is only a gateway to the sublime.


Week 5: Masterclasses, recitals, discussions, concerts, rehearsals and tours are a part of everyday life at ANAM onstage and offstage.


Week 6: But, it doesn't mean that we are disconnected from our surroundings. Under the guidance of Karen Kyriakou, our very own Music And Community Educator, ANAM Musicians use their talent to support charitable causes and local schools, because music education matters.


Week 7: No one has exactly the same experience at ANAM. Some of our musicians choose to explore different training pathways, such as the International Academy Program.


Week 8: At this point, our musicians are feathering their nest in the area outside their comfort zone. Pretty much.


Week 9: ANAM Musicians start to plan ahead for their recitals, which are opportunities to show off their achievements, personality, and distinctive musical styles.


Week 10: Boom, progress!


Week 11: However, we all get our fair share of setbacks as well... To stay afloat, we encourgae our musicians in activities such as choir, musicians’ health and performance support, professional development and community engagement.


Week 12: 'Tis the season for soundbites and season concerts, and we invite our audience members, volunteers, and supporters to join us as we rifle through the dictionary from 'a,' ambition, to 'w,' work, always with one thumb marking the page for 'z'est. 


Week 13: Meanwhile, life at ANAM continues offstage, and often outside the South Melbourne Town Hall.


Week 14: This is life at ANAM.


Week 15: Wax on, wax off; Rehearsals, rinse, and repeat.week-15

Week 16: Yes, and to return the favour, we tell music just how great it is. Here's our love letters and serenades


Week 17: So, here's a quick summary of how life at ANAM has been for the last couple of months...


To be inspired and regaled further, join us on 15 June as we celebrates the centenary of one of the most gifted composers to emerge from Czechoslovakia, Gideon Klein, and observe ANAM Artistic Director and ANAM Musicians onstage.

Saturday 15 June 7.30PM
South Melbourne Town Hall

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