My Temporary Practice Room

Resourceful, comfortable, or practical – ANAM Musicians share their temporary practice studios at home.

Darcy O’Malley (TAS) trumpet

I have been living and practising in my old bedroom in my parents’ house in Launceston, Tasmania. It's a lovely quiet spot and my parents and neighbours apparently don't mind me making noise every day. I've attached a photo, complete with drum kit! 


Jennifer Yu 

My current practice room is in the living room. The brown piano is the one that ANAM moved in and I can switch to the keyboard if I feel like it’s too much for the neighbours!


Benjamin Saffir 

Here’s a picture of my practice space that I’ve carved out of my living room. The tripod is a new purchase, and I’ve found I can get a full body view if I have it all sitting on top of a bunch of cookbooks. Also notice the pillows are at the bottom in case something goes wrong and the iPad falls down, hopefully less chance of a cracked screen!



Sean Burke 

I'm super lucky to have the home space that I do in my house in Melbourne. I’ve got a little studio out the back that my housemates are too frightened to spend any time in. I've done it up and made it a bit more ‘homely’ so it feels less like a box and more like a room. Still looking for a rug, though. Credit for plants also has to go to Eve, as I'm looking after hers while she is back in Sydney. 




Charlotte Miles

Please find attached a photo of my practice space in my childhood (current) home in Melbourne. 


Epilogue: Towards our Digital Music Academy

While ANAM Musicians were settling into their new routine, our Faculty were also busy preparing to teach online. Here's ANAM Head of Piano Timothy Young’s home studio, with four different cameras strategically placed to improve the quality of online lessons.


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