Passing the Baton: Kate Worley and Seb Coyne

Passing the baton is an ANAM exclusive series featuring some of ANAM's 2021 alumni and new first year musicians.

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Words by:
Kate Worley(viola 2021) and Seb Coyne (cello VIC)

Prior to the year commencing, we invited a number of incoming ANAM musicians to seek wisdom from a few  most recent alum. In this latest release of Passing the Baton, Kate Worley (viola 2021) shares with first year Seb Coyne (viola VIC) her favourite spots around the Abbotsford Convent to unwind after a day of practice. 

From the ANAM archives: Kate Worley in 2020

Sebastian: Are there group classes for specific instruments? What are they usually like? 

Kate: Absolutely! There are a whole range of weekly classes at ANAM - firstly instrumental (for you, viola class), secondly section class (string class) and finally the all-in performance class. Viola class is usually where I would give my first outing of a new piece, before playing in string and performance classes leading up to concerts/recordings. It’s great to get the input of your fellow ANAM musicians and teachers at every step along the way of your journey with a particular work. 

Sebastian: Is it possible to practice at ANAM? 

Kate: Yes! Personally, I find having a work/life balance is really important, so it's been great to be able to do my practice at ANAM, and keep home separate. Of course, this isn't always possible, but I've found having this structure as my default keeps my practice focused and also allows time for relaxation and recuperation at home.

 Sebastian Coyne (viola VIC)
Seb Coyne (viola VIC)

Sebastian: Does ANAM provide support for wellbeing? 

 Kate: You'll find that ANAM is a very supportive place to study. As well as hearing regularly from Charlotte and the ANAM team of psychologists, all of the staff are keen for the musicians to be thriving in all areas of life. Don't be afraid to reach out to your teacher and other staff members if you feel you need some extra support. 

Sebastian: Are there any cafes you recommend near ANAM?

 Kate: Great question! I recommend Mavis, which is just down the road from Marine Parade. They do a delicious re-energising juice which I would highly recommend, as well as good, Melbourne-quality coffee. Also, the Farm Cafe near the Convent is a really beautiful spot to sit and have a bite to eat, if you're up for a bit more of a stroll. Don't forget to go on regular exploratory walks down along the Yarra - very important for wellbeing! :)



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