Five Organisation Tips for Musicians

Words by
Robin Wilson
ANAM Faculty

Life as a musician is overwhelming if we consider it all at once. The key is to break things down and sequence learning. ANAM Resident Violin Faculty Dr Robin Wilson shares top five tips for time management.  

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  1. Get a year planner and a diary - and use it! You need a year at a glance, a semester at a glance, a month, a week and a day. A digital daily diary on your phone is great but I’m old fashioned and think you can’t go past the visual aspect of a larger analog year planner! 
  2. Set overarching goals for the year. What do you want to achieve? How will you get there? What smaller goals might help you reach this?  
  3. Space your smaller goals throughout the year to ensure success; give time for preparation and reflection on either side. Consider your limitations.  
  4. Plan ahead; each day, the night before. 
  5. Review your monthly and weekly plan regularly; things change and learning is always in a constant state of flux, so assess, reflect and react. 

– Full article published in ANAM's Music Makers vol 34

Photo by Pia Johnson


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