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I founded Modulate Music in 2018 after some inspiring years of living and working in London. The music I write is best described as an ambient wash of meditative electronic and acoustic violin and viola soundscapes. Modulate Music combines contemplative practices of meditation and mindfulness with the energy and impact of live music. My performances are primarily focused on exploring internal states of body and mind.


Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn.

Modulate Music was forged in the depths of the Icelandic winter, in the remote Westfjords where I completed an Arts Iceland Residency. Exploring ideas of internal and external stillness through sound and landscape, I presented an event to the local community combining music, yoga and meditation and was pleased to receive much interest and enthusiasm. Since then, I have been inspired to perform many events and collaborations with yoga, meditation, visual arts, dance and with other musicians across Australia and overseas. 

Contemplation and meditation has always played a central role in my practice as a musician and life in general. In my time at ANAM (2009-11) I was deeply influenced by some of the visiting artists we performed with. David Dolan, Pekka Kuusisto and Eighth Blackbird expanded my view of what it is to experiment, improvise and create as a musician. Since those projects I have been motivated to consciously explore themes of introspection and meditation through improvisation, creativity, and performance. 

My album, Landscapes, is designed to be an 8-part contemplative reflection. Each track explores a different aspect of internal experience and guides the listener to deeply feel into their own personal landscape. I include interludes of meditation, improvisation and reflection in performances, guiding the listener deeper into introspection. 

The world is experiencing an oversaturation of information, activity, and constant distraction. The opportunities to connect to oneself, be still and deeply listen are difficult to come by. My aspiration is for Modulate Music to provide a space and experience for audiences to find stillness and connection to oneself and the world around them.


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Words by Isabel Hede.

First published in volume 49 of Music Makers

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