Postcards from 2019 Four Winds Artist in Residence

Situated amidst a scenic landscape, the Four Winds Festival in Bermagui works to create art in response to its place, stories and heritage. The festival also strives to expose young minds to the gift of music, and the 2019 Four Winds Spring Festival was a particular success. ANAM Pianist Maggie Pang, and 2019 Four Winds Artist in Residence, shares some picture postcards from her time at beautiful Bermagui. 



The first photo is of Maggie and Amelie Ziino, a student performer at the Four Winds Festival who plays the violin and the piano. Maggie found that Amelie has great musicality and inexhaustible curiosity for music. "I was amazed at how mature Amelie is for her age!" Maggie reports. 


The second photo shows Maggie and her new mentee, Thomas Whitaker, who aspires to be a concert pianist. Maggie was especially impressed by Thomas' passion, as well as his ability to absorb new techniques.

"Thomas even sent me a follow up message saying how much his playing has changed since. I am mentoring him to get into the Sydney Conservatorium," Maggie comments.


The last photo, taken just in front of the Four Winds' beloved Sound Shell, shows Maggie with Rain, a student who's part of the Djirringanj Girls Choir. "She's a very sweet girl," Maggie adds. Rain showed interest in the piano when Maggie accompanied her choir, so perhaps there will be another emeging pianist from NSW in a few years' time!

Maggie Pang completed her Bachelor of Music Performance and Master of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium under the tutelage of Natalia Sheludiakova and Dr Bernadette Harvey. More recently, she was awarded a scholarship as one of the six pianists to participate in the 2017 Meadowmount School of Music in New York, a rigorous seven-week music program. Through these programs, Maggie had the privilege of receiving lessons and masterclasses from Gilbert Kalish, Xak Bjerken, Ann Schein, Lambert Orkis, Ivan ┼Żenatý, the Goldner String Quartet and Plexus Ensemble. Aside from scheming her next chamber music project, Maggie enjoys collaborating with local Australian composers.



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