SSO & ANAM: Simone Young Conducts Gurrelieder

Making its Sydney debut in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth, Schoenberg’s Gurrelieder is a rapturous musical epic for soloists, chorus and orchestra, one which tells a beautifully crafted tale adapted from Danish legend. This is music on the grandest imaginable scale, for which the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall stage will almost double in size, allowing the Sydney Symphony to be joined by ANAM musicians and a massed choir. 

Schoenberg’s hyper-romantic work rivals any fantasy epic, with its themes of passion, jealousy and the quest for love that transcends life. As its story unfolds, Gurrelieder’s captivating, hypnotic melodies and vast choral music emerge in waves, building to a musical sunrise of dazzling splendour. 

The Orchestra’s Chief Conductor Simone Young directs an all-star cast, including tenor Simon O’Neill and German soprano Ricarda Merbeth. 

These Gurrelieder performances mark ANAM’s first collaboration with the Sydney Symphony.

Arnold SCHOENBERG Gurrelieder

Sydney Symphony Orchestra (SSO)
Simone Young AM Chief Conductor
ANAM Musicians

Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra with musicians from ANAM.

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