Soundbite: Jared Yapp

Viola_by Pia Johnson

Soundbites are hour-long lunch time concerts curated and performed by ANAM musicians. Throughout the year, these concerts feature diverse solo and chamber repertoire.

Murmurs and Conversations is an exploration of introverted and extroverted communication. This piece first explores an inner world where time and form are more ephemeral in nature, and then goes on to explore much more rigid structures and relationships. For me, the contrast of these two worlds is exemplified in the traditional prelude and fugue form, where the prelude is essentially a stream of consciousness which then inspires the material for the fugue. Given this inspiration, it's probably no coincidence that I'm also arranging JS Bach's third solo cello suite for this concert. All of Bach's solo suites heavily imply bass-lines, melodies and harmonies that only exist in our imaginations, so the next logical question for me was: what if these components were not imagined? It turns out that these implied harmonies are surprisingly open to interpretation, and throughout this process I have been continually struck by the skill and tastefulness for which Bach is so well-known.

YAPP Murmurs and Conversations
BACH Cello suite no. 3 in C major (arr. Yapp) for baroque ensemble

Jared Yapp WA viola
ANAM Musicians

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