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"This program has a ‘pan-Asian’ focus, with works by composers from Cambodia, China, Korea, and Japan. Playing music by contemporary Asian composers is a growing interest of mine : as much as the ‘classics’ have to offer, there is something perhaps more immediate in the music of those who, like me, come from outside the West, and are—importantly—alive.

"Tying these pieces together are ideas and reflections from Buddhist philosophy and the various other schools of thought it encountered as it spread across Asia. What is fascinating is how different the musical results are in each piece! From the luscious lyricism of Ung’s Spiral I, to Pagh-Paan’s acerbic U-Mul, and Satoh’s meditative Toki no Mon, subtleties of timbre and texture are central, and one can hear how Buddhist concepts of impermanence and change lend themselves to such finely-tuned shifts in focus. It is especially exciting to be presenting four Australian premieres, and in the case of Xu Yi’s Dust of Time, a piece that is only being heard for the second time ever! I feel quite honoured to play this music alongside wonderful colleagues here at ANAM."

– Aditya Bhat

C UNG Spiral I*
X YI Dust of Time* 

S SATO Toki no Mon 

*Australian premiere

Aditya Bhat (VIC) curator/percussion
Noah Lawrence (VIC) cello
Reuben Johnson (QLD) piano
Anna Rabinowicz (VIC) flute
Dario Scalabrini (QLD) clarinet
Daniel You (QLD) viola
Joshua Jones (QLD) cello
William Taber (NZ) double bass
Leo Nguyen (VIC) piano


This event is free for ANAMates members (bookings required)


Please note:
- For details on ANAM's COVID-safe policy and what to expect at this event, CLICK HERE
- If booking an ANAMates ticket, you will be required to present your ANAMates membership card prior to entry on the day of the event.
- If you hold a government issued Companion Card you are eligible for a free ticket for your companion. Please call us on 03 9645 7911 or email info@anam.com.au to make your booking.

Photographed by Margund Sallowsky for ANAM x NGVperformance at NGV Australia Who Are You exhibition, 21/05/22

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