Soundbite: Collective Music

As a musician's instrumental proficiency develops, so does their artistic taste and temperament. Throughout 2024, ANAM musicians curate and present Soundbites – concerts that are a snapshot in time, summarising their year of training and revealing glimipses of their future selves. What music excites them? What do they want to communicate? How does their art help them understand the world better? Experience the unique and intimate points of view of ANAM musicians throughout this series.

‘Composition’ and ‘improvisation’ are often regarded as opposites. For Anthony Braxton, one of the most enigmatically unique musical voices of the last half-century, nothing could be further than the truth. Throughout his labyrinthine catalogue of works, composition and improvisation shape each other, leading always to surprising, confusing, and refreshing results! In Braxton’s  ‘Creative Orchestra Music’, ANAM musicians will navigate through several Braxton pieces in what is sure to be a captivating display of collective creativity.

We will also hear from Nicole Mitchell, another musical visionary - like Braxton - connected with Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. These pieces are bookended by music from Australian First Nations composer Brenda Gifford, with whom ANAM musicians have the privilege of working directly during our first ‘listening week’ of 2024. Drawing on her Yuin culture, Gifford compositions encourage us to be conscious of our collective connection to the Earth. There is no more pertinent message for the present time of climate crisis.

Brenda GIFFORD Bardju
Nicole MITCHELL Symbology
Anthony BRAXTON Creative Orchestra Music

Aditya Bhat (VIC) curator/percussion/conductor
Jase Scott conductor
Lauren Walmsley double bass
ANAM Musicians

This performance will last approximately 45 minutes with no interval.

Download the Concert Program

Concert Program

Join music lovers of all backgrounds post-concert for ANAM's Music Discussion Group. Share your thoughts of the repertoire just performed or hear the insights of featured musicians from the concert. Located in CG.24 on the ground floor of Abbotsford Convent.


Aditya’s training at ANAM is supported by ANAM Syndicate donors Christina and Terry Hart, Igor Zambelli, John and Sue North, Annie Chapman, Kerry Landman and the Estelle Redlich Circle

Photo by Abdul Min Muhaimin


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