ANAM Recital: Pius Choi (trombone)

ANAM Recitals are an opportunity for each ANAM musician to make their own personal musical statement, through performance, repertoire and presentation. 
Trombone and friends
The program consists of various genres from romantic to contemporary which the audience will be able to recognise and enjoy. What's unique about my recital is that I'm playing both Tenor and Bass Trombone and will be playing a Devil's Waltz composed by Steven Verhelst for Bass/Tenor Trombone Duo and a jazz standard God Bless the Child arranged by Robert Elkjer for trombone quartet.

ROTA Concerto for trombone
SCHUMANN 3 Fantasy Pieces, op. 73 = Drei Fantasiestücke
LEBEDEV Concertante Allegro for trombone and piano
VERHELST Devil's Waltz
JOBIM No More Blues arr. 4 trombones

Pius Choi (NSW) trombone
Dale Vail (NZ) trombone
Jackson Bankovic (NSW) trombone
Simon Baldwin (VIC) trombone
Peter de Jager piano
Photo by Pia Johnson
Please note details subject to change
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